Reminiscence of Barcelona

The Mediterranean weather makes Barcelona a very walkable city all year round. I remember going to Bracelona a few years back, and walking through the Rambles (Barcelona’s main boulevard), which was always filled with life, artists, and flowers.

There are many tiny, beautiful little streets in the Gothic Quarter, where you can discover your own personal vision of Barcelona. Barcelona is also full of art anywhere you go. There is examples of modernist architecture scattered throughout the city.

As if you were in some fairy tale: you can always feel the presence of the great modernists, Gaudí, Puigi i Cadafalch and Doménech i Montaner. And of course there is the sea, which I have become used to seeing and to smelling it, that I no longer can be anywhere where there is no sea.

During my stay in Barcelona, I loved going to the local chiringuito (snack bar) on the beach and eating some seafood and paella, and going for a walk on the beach. I also remember them serving an interesting soup called Ajo Blanco, you may ask your self “¿qué es eso” (what is that). I found out that it is actually a very traditional version of gazpacho, but isn’t as well known as its tomato-based sibling. It’s a great satisfying, refreshing cold soup that celebrates almonds. In case your wondering the Spanish word for almonds is “Alemdra” or  “Amettla” in Catalan.

I recently visited a local Spanish restaurant and grill in Portland Oregon, which serves all the Spanish favorites. I came upon that same exact dish with a slight modification, and when I ate the dish it’s as if I was just automatically transported back to that magnificent city, and all memories associated with it. I would definitely recommend anyone reading this to travel to Barcelona, whenever you have a chance to, and enjoy the best of what Barcelona has to offer.